Movie Trophies

2017 Submissions

Haunted Duplex - Part 3 Haunted Duplex - Part 3 Rated Stars The third and final installment of the Haunted Duplex Series. Spooky. Comedy - Original Haunted Duplex - Part 2 Haunted Duplex - Part 2 Rated Stars A true story so spooky, you'll be sleeping in your parents bed tonight Comedy - Original Ouija Board Ouija Board Rated Stars Don't be screwin around with Ouija Boards ya big dummy Comedy - Original Helping Friends Move Helping Friends Move Rated Stars I'd rather eat the crumbs out of Rosie O'donnell's belly button than help somebody move. Comedy - Original Blockbuster Blockbuster Rated Stars I still miss the gumball machine and overpriced candy Comedy - Original 13 O'clock Action News 13 O'clock Action News Rated Stars Late night news isn't always the best news ... Comedy - Original Sixth Grade Camp Sixth Grade Camp Rated Stars A true story about Camp, Burger King, and The Shark Song Comedy - Original Couple Skate Couple Skate Rated Stars Nothing like going to the skating rink and trying not to be a loser Comedy - Original Airsoft Guns Airsoft Guns Rated Stars airsoft was life for an 11 year old boy. Comedy - Original School Lunch School Lunch Rated Stars For those that survived good ol' public school lunch. You're all heroes. Comedy - Original Math Class Math Class Rated Stars It's the Order of Operations Daniel, Jesus Christ. Comedy - Original First Fight First Fight Rated Stars How I won a fight with zero punches thrown. Comedy - Original Picture Day Picture Day Rated Stars School picture day. Time to smile like a maniac and look like a screw up. Comedy - Original First Grade First Grade Rated Stars What first grade was like in 1997 Comedy - Original Blue Power Ranger Blue Power Ranger Rated Stars Nothing like ruining a Halloween parade and destroying self-confidence Comedy - Original Artie's Odds and Ends Artie's Odds and Ends Rated Stars That's a good deal on the Cocker Spaniel Comedy - Original Batman VS Joker VS Bill Batman VS Joker VS Bill Rated Stars Batman's fatal flaw... Comedy - Parody Nosebleed Nosebleed Rated Stars Nothing like a bloody nose to ruin everyone's good time. Comedy - Original

2015 Submissions

2014 Submissions

Flu Season Flu Season Rated Stars A story most could relate to about being sick. Comedy - Original Eye Doctor Eye Doctor Rated Stars For all the people who can't read the big 'E' on the chart Comedy - Original Barbershop Barbershop Rated Stars Just some horrific memories as a kid, of the local barbershop Comedy - Original Poop Listeners Poop Listeners Rated Stars Just a short story for all those weirdos out there Comedy - Original Cub Scout Pinewood Derby Cub Scout Pinewood Derby Rated Stars For all the ex-cub scouts out there Comedy - Original Bus Stop Abortion Bus Stop Abortion Rated Stars A short story about just how dumb I can be Comedy - Original Kindergarten Kindergarten Rated Stars God, kindergarten was hard Comedy - Original Toy Guns Toy Guns Rated Stars A story for those people who had a million fake wars in their backyard as a kid Comedy - Original Cub Scout Pocket Knife Cub Scout Pocket Knife Rated Stars For all of you ex-cub scouts out there. Comedy - Original Dumb Dreams Dumb Dreams Rated Stars They say what you eat can affect your dreaming. I don't remember eating methamphetamine Comedy - Original Front Yard Wrestling Front Yard Wrestling Rated Stars Chances are, if you were a 9 yr old boy, you did this and loved it. Comedy - Original Old School Nintendo Old School Nintendo Rated Stars A great piece of machinery ... that destroyed thousands of lives. Comedy - Original Doggie Drama Doggie Drama Rated Stars A short story about my dog troubles :( Comedy - Original Top 3 Farts I've Farted Top 3 Farts I've Farted Rated Stars A short story about my 3 most embarrassing farts :( Comedy - Original Crazy Customer Delight Crazy Customer Delight Rated Stars A true story about a psycho customer i've encountered Comedy - Original Stupid Jokes for Stupids Stupid Jokes for Stupids Rated Stars I bet you're one of these people ... aren't you Comedy - Original Books By Brewstew Books By Brewstew Rated Stars if you're looking for kid's books, here's what you need Comedy - Original El Haircut El Haircut Rated Stars if you're a guy who hates getting a haircut ... Comedy - Original El Dentist El Dentist Rated Stars A short story ... about a true story Comedy - Original Branded By Harold Branded By Harold Rated Stars A tattoo shop ... for kids! Comedy - Original Aware Apple Aware Apple Rated Stars Mr Apple struggles with reality Comedy - Original